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No guarantees...

Winter is here and with it the White Walkers, an army of the undead and to top it all off, an undead dragon that spews ice. The army is making its (slow) march towards Winterfell, where our heroes are having a get together event.

As far as the last season was concerned, several characters actually cheated death and even survived quite dangerous circumstances. For instance, in the quest of capturing a wight, Jon Snow and team faced insurmountable odds. Even so, at least the main characters found safety and were unscathed. Sure there was a rather heavy price to pay. Dany loses one of her dragon and it gets turned to an undead dragon ready to serve the Night King.

Here are all the characters that may (or not) survive Game of Thrones along with a brief look at some of the fan theories. Be careful though, for the night is dark and full of potential spoilers.

Jon Snow

Credits: HBO

To start off, the guy already died once. It would be quite a disappointment for fans if this happens again. At a glance, the show's main characters are Jon and Dany. It is a stretch to say both will survive, but we're guessing at least one of the two will survive.

Jon’s may survive as longs as he fulfills the prophecy of Azor Ahai.

Azor Ahai is a legendary hero who is said to have brought an end to the Long Night, the first great war against the dead. According to the prophecy, Azor Ahai will be reborn to deliver the world once again from danger and would ultimately cause death itself to bend its knee. This savior will supposedly be reborn amidst smoke and salt, wake dragons out of stone, be born when the stars bleed, and draw a burning sword, called Lightbringer.

Melisandre, the Red Priestess who revived Jon Snow, has dedicated her entire life in finding this fabled hero. Previously, she believed that hero to be Stannis. But instead her meddling lead to the demise of Stannis. But this time she may be right.


Credits: HBO

Dany may become the ultimate ruler of Westeros. And that's precisely why she may survive. Not to mention her babies are dragons and will furiously guard her with their lives. Moreover, she may actually be a contender for the Azor Azhai prophecy.

The problem with that prophecy is that it fits on way too many characters to be sure of one definite character that may be the prophesied hero.

She checks a lot of boxes for the prophecy. Born in salt and smoke? Emerging from the funeral pyre of Khal Drogo unburnt. Check. Took the dragon eggs to the pyre and successfully hatched dragons. Check. All this with a bleeding star over her. Check. The prophecy doesn't limit Azor Azhai reborn to be male. So who knows what will happen. Only one thing is missing, the Lightbringer sword. Which supposedly requires the ultimate sacrifice of a loved one. Will that be Jon Snow?

The Night King

Credits: HBO

The only way we can see the Night King surviving is that if he succeeds in killing all in Westeros and rule the dead from the Iron Throne. That would be one hell of a bleak ending. It is Game of Thrones but even then it is highly unlikely. However, it is possible that there may be a truce or treaty between the White Walkers and the humans.

It is actually an amazing fan theory that suggests that Jaime Lannister is Azor Azhai and he would make a truce with the White Walkers. Jaime is one character who has chanced most dramatically over the course of the show. It will be fulfilling if he actually is Azhor Azhai.

Or not. Maybe he'll just die at the hands of Jon Snow. He does have a dragon of his own now, so it won't be easy.

Arya Stark

Credits: HBO

The latest GoT trailer opens with a scared for her life Arya running from something or someone. While it would be a life threatening moment for her, it probably won't be her last. Arya has been training to become an assassin for the past six seasons. Moreover, she is equipped with a Valyrian dagger gifted to her by Bran at the end of season 7. So even if she comes face to face with a White Walker, she has a good chance of survival.

Not to mention how she survived rather grim odds back in Bravos during her assassin training. She can also fight with a blindfold and the Battle for Winterfell would probably be fought in the night. Again no problem.

Sansa Stark

Credits: HBO

Sansa has  always been seen as getting prepared for something. That something is something we have not seen. Yet. Sure she did ride to Jon Snow's aid in the Battle of the Bastards with the Knights of the Vale. She also plotted with Arya to kill Littlefinger for good. But, it is simply not enough. We have this feeling that there is more she will do. Something bigger and more significant.

Moreover, she is the eldest Stark left. When Jon Snow's true parentage is revealed to all, she becomes the first in line to rule Winterfell.

Tyrion Lannister

Everyone's favorite hand of the queen is not making the best judgement last time we saw him. He consistently loses to Jaime in helping with Dany's conquest of Westeros. Moreover, he tried to stop Dany from going to Jon's aid in his mission to capture a wight.

He does not seem too happy about the Jon and Dany relationship either. There is this crazy fan theory which says that Tyrion may betray Dany eventually. The theory goes that Tyrion is in live with Dany and when he learns about Jon and Dany he betrays Dany.

According to a prophecy about Dany, she will face three betrayals. First one was Miri Maaz Dur's betrayal, second was Jorah Mormont's betrayal and the final betrayal is yet to happen. It may be Tyrion who betrays her in the end. We hope this theory does not check out. We don't want to see our favorite character ending up a villain. If he does indeed turn out to betray the Dragon Queen, chances are slim that he will survive.

So that's all for now. Got season 8 will premier from 14th April on HBO GO. Stay tuned for more.