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A slew of new announcements...

Apple held a special one-day event in Cupertino, California on March 25th. The ‘It’s show time’ event revealed new services that Apple will be launching. These services are mostly software related, meaning there is not an announcement of a new iPhone or Macbook.

To keep the event as focused as possible, it seemed that Apple was in a hurry to announce its new hardware. For instance, the new Airpods and the iPad Mini 5. They could just as easily have showed them off at the event but apparently that would divide the limelight.

Apple TV Plus

Credits: Apple

In a nutshell, Apple TV plus is a streaming service that is for purely Apple produced shows. This means that unlike Netflix which hosts shows and movies made by different producers and studios, Apple TV plus will only host programs made specifically for the service. As a result, these shows will be available exclusively on Apple platform.

Apple TV plus is a service. It is not a separate app. It is simply an extension that allows access to new shows. The service will be available through the Apple TV app. The service will go live sometime this fall. Moreover, there is a more Netflix-like system that is separate from the above service. Its confusing but Apple mashed up way too many things in such a short event.

This May, Apple TV subscription will allow users to stream content from Apple's partner channel, for instance, HBO.

Apple Arcade

Credits: Apple

Apple Arcade is not as exciting as it sounds. It is a game subscription service that lets users have full access to 100 "new and exclusive" game in the App Store. What's special about these games is that they will neither feature ads nor have in-app purchases.

Moreover, this access will carry over from iOS, tvOS to macOS. The game progress will also be in sync will all the devices on all the different Apple operating systems. Like the Apple TV+, it will release through the App Store sometime this fall in over 150 countries.

Apple Card

Credits: Apple

The Apple Card complements the Wallet app. It is a virtual card, with an option to get a physical card. It will further allow for more features in the Wallet app. During its early days, there will be promotions such as cash backs and rewards.

Apple Card will release sometime this summer in the United States. It is unclear if Apple will expand the service in other countries.

Apple News+

Credits: Apple

What Netflix does for movies and TV shows, Apple News will do for magazines and newspaper. For a monthly price of $9.99, users will have access to 300 magazines and some newspapers.

The catalog includes Vogue, GQ, TIME, The Wall Street Journal, and the Los Angeles Time. On the other hand, Newspapers include The New York Times and The Washington Post. This one service is already live in the US and Canada. You can subscribe to the service using the News app. It will release in United Kingdom and Australia later this year.