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Straight outta hell...

There much to be entertained in Hellboy. It's an action packed flick with lots of fighting and little talking. It may be an R rated movie, but that doesn't stop it from being childishly dumb. And its important to note that the movie wants to be dumb and not take itself seriously, that's the whole point. Those who miss it are probably going to hate Hellboy.

However, if you can look aside from all the logical aspects, you can enjoy. The story is bad, but the computer generated imagery (CGI) is top notch. Although it does feel a little overused. If you're a fan of science fiction genre and fantasy genre then you may enjoy the movie. Additionally, comic book fans of Hellboy are probably going to like the big screen adaptation. The movie draws heavily from the comics.

Hellboy uses a lot of gore to produce comic situations. These are the moments that keep the movie entertaining throughout, however, it does feel more like a misuse and it works for audiences who have a dark sense of humor. That is precisely why the blockbuster movie is R rated. This is not a movie for those with a weak stomach. There is also a ton of profanity throughout the movie. But again, all this is in the name of entertainment.

When it comes to the Hellboy franchise, this one is probably the most fun version. Compared with the Guillermo del Toro duology, this is more faithful to the comics. However, it also tries to give nods to the previous movies but, as a result, does not deliver well. The characters are much more detailed, as times have advanced, however, while on the surface the characters are more complex, most characters lacks the depth found in the original duology of Hellboy.

One of the things that Hellboy does right is that the action and pacing is intense and the horror aspects are really well blended. There is also plenty of humor to provide a good contrast to the horror scenes.


A must watch for Hellboy comic book fans. Be prepared for a lousy story but hopefully the movie can compensate for its great action and pacing. Our final verdict is a 7/10.

Hellboy cast

Mark Stanley as Arthur

Brian Gleeson as Merlin

Nadya Keranova as Sister

Maria Tepavicharova as Sister (as Mariya Tepavicharova)

Ana Tabakova as Sister

Milla Jovovich as Nimue / The Blood Queen

Penelope Mitchell as Ganeida

Terry Randal as Priest

Ian McShane as Professor Broom

David Harbour as Hellboy

Mario de la Rosa as Esteban Ruiz / Camazotz

Christopher Mata as Referee

Atanas Srebrev as Agent Madison

Dawn Sherrer as Agent Strode

And, Michael Heath as Butler

Hellboy was released as a 2 hour long Action, Adventure, Fantasy movie released on 12th April in the USA.