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Biggest change in 15 years of Facebook...

Just yesterday, the California based Social Media giant announced new interface changes across the board. The company is  getting rid of its iconic blue bar and replacing it with a simpler white bar. Moreover, a greater focus is given to groups.

It has been two years since Facebook has been constantly mired in one scandal or another. From using user's data unethically, to influencing election results. That's not all, recently the company faced a breach of millions of users' login credentials which were stored in plain text with no encryption. Perhaps this is Facebook's way of coming in clean and getting itself a fresh start. A new promise if you will.

The new redesign was officially announced at the F8 Developer's Conference - an yearly Facebook conference held at San Jose, California. The new design seems to echo the design shared by Facebook's other platforms. Namely the Messenger app and even Instagram. Only Whatsapp remains distinct in its appearance with different color scheme.

Moreover, stories get more love by the company. They are now featured at the very top of user's feed.

Credits: Facebook

Additionally, there are more changes in how the layout is set up for the mobile app. Groups get more attention. Users can now share a post or create a new post for any of their groups directly from the comfort of the homepage. On the other hand, in the desktop version, groups are more visible in the left hand side menu. Moreover, Facebook is adding more options that can add more options for special groups, for instance, a group featuring cars.

The new look of the desktop website. Still subject to change. Credits: Facebook

The desktop overhaul is expected sometime over the next couple of months. However, the mobile version will be live soon.

Facebook Dating

The feature will be made available in more countries. Additionally, the company is introducing a new feature called Secret Crush. In it, users can select up to nine friends they are interested in. No one will know which names any one person has selected. However, if one of those nine friends happen to add the same person in their crush list, they will both be notified of this.

Another new option is to Meet New Friends. The idea is to match you up with people living nearby and who are interested in meeting new people. Again, only those who have this feature selected will be notified of the people using it.

Moreover, Facebook is also expanding its Facebook Marketplace feature. There will be the option of paying through the Facebook app which will make the system more reliable for all parties involved.  

What do you think of these new features and design? Let us know in the comments below.